AEMBOT 2019 Highlights

Liberty Robotics
Hillsboro, OR


2019 FRC Destination: Deep Space set the stage for many historic moments for AEMBOT and our robot, AEMadillo, this year. AEMBOT blasted through all expectations by becoming winners, finalists, and alliance captains. We started our year off at Wilsonville, where we took home our first blue banner. We continued our successes by becoming finalists at SunDome in Yakima, making it to semi-finals at Lake Oswego, and making it to the quarter-finals at PNW District Championships, ending with a 9th place District ranking. We continued to AEM high at Worlds, where we ranked 7th in our division, along with taking our alliance all the way to finals, making us sub-division finalists on Carver Field. AEMadillo’s journey didn't end there: we were invited to Indianapolis Robotics Invitational (IRI) and Chezy Champs in San Jose, where we made it to the semi-finals in both competitions. We ended our season at Oregon Girls' Generation, where we had our drive team in purple take home the amazing win!

AEMBOT continued to soar by receiving the Creativity Award at every level of competition, in Wilsonville (a District event), in Tacoma at PNW District Championship, and at the Houston Championships. AEMadillo also gained the Engineering Inspiration award at the SunDome in Yakima.

During the Indiana Robotics Invitational, we got to tour an AndyMark facility!