Liberty Robotics
Hillsboro, OR

FRC 6443

With the team participating the FIRST Robotics Competition, we not only create a larger robot, but we also create a larger outlet for creativity. If a unique mechanical system can be added feasibly to our robot, we explore on how to create it. If a team member wants to create cool additions to things like our pit or our mascot, we create a team for them and give them the go-ahead. If a student wants to organize an outreach event, we just need a time and place. No matter what, a job can be found for everyone to add something substantial to the team, beyond just making a robot. It's all about maximizing student leadership.

By allowing a large amount of creative freedom and exploration, we find students who are experts in their field, and give them leadership roles. This not only includes making decisions, but it also means giving assistance to our team members or to other teams and passing on information for the next generation of AEMBOT leaders. Providing student leadership allows students to work closer together and allows the expression of ideas to flow freely. With 6443, opportunities are boundless, and the potential for and the creation of great things never stops coming.