AEMBOT 11591 - FTC

Liberty Robotics
Hillsboro, OR

FTC 11591

Being in the team involved in the FIRST Tech Challenge, it is the perfect way to experiment and figure out in what areas students want to put the most effort in. 11591 is the team for incoming or new recruits to learn to integrate themselves into a team, cooperate with their fellow peers, and gain experience with the ins and outs of competition. It is the step in the right direction to either gain more expertise in their niche, or to transition smoothly to the FRC team.

FTC teaches members about Gracious Professionalism — not only to exudes it to each other, but to other teams and to the rest of the Hillsboro community. It presents them with a challenge and asks them to think creatively, both in function and form. From a sketch on paper to a mechanical arm moving with a controller, 11591 creates proud, hardworking team members focused on solving problems in their engineering challenge and promoting positivity and teamwork to the school and everywhere they go — that's our AEM for every person who joins the robotics team.