Liberty Robotics
Hillsboro, OR

Step aside, boys!

Robotics and related activities are often attributed to the men of our world. However, in FRC teams girls are often seen working, competing and winning! Girls Generation is an amazing competition that allows girls to show off their skills without being outnumbered by the guys. In these competitions, the teams are made entirely of girls to compete on their own. This is a great way to be introduced into robotics and specifically to understand how FRC competitions work. AEMBOT uses this time to have different drive teams, and to allow new members try anything they want, in a competition setting!

Girls' Gen team building the bumpers
Behind the driver station.
Girls talking strategy!

Robot with the awards!

Our girls in purple were FLIPPING excited to compete at Oregon Girls’ Generation. They went through qualifications in grand fashion, making their way up to first place! They were then joined by 1540 The Flaming Chickens, 4692 Metal Mallards, and 997 Spartan Robotics. With this amazing alliance, they took home the win at Wilsonville, successfully ending AEMBOT’s 2019 Destination: Deep Space season!