Off Season Events

Liberty Robotics
Hillsboro, OR

Our Team Co-Captain petting a friendly bunny! Our valiant bunnybot, Roger! Alliance Photo


During our first year of participation in Bunnybots, hosted by the Flaming Chickens (1540), we were able to reach new heights and build skills. The build season was a great opportunity for newer and returning members alike to learn and apply ideas and skills. Our bunnybot, Roger, took the show with his excellent defense, visuals, and speed. Many thanks to NerdHerd (4043), Jesuit Robotics (2374B), and The Generals (4444) for an exhilarating time!

Our alliance photo Our flag in the pit Laughing in the pit

Girls' Generation

Every year, the female- and non-binary-identifying members of our team, new and experienced, get together to celebrate the fun and excitement of STEM! Through Girls’ Gen, members of the team can shine and show off their skills as well as learn new ones in a supportive environment. We get to use last year’s robot to compete against other teams in the name of Gracious Professionalism™. New members get to learn all about how FRC works and all the effort it takes to get to an awesome robot! Through Girls’ Gen many are able to try out the Drive Team and many other roles to get a feel for what they want to do and are able to gain a lot of confidence. Seeing the results of their efforts is one of the many merits of Girls’ Gen. Our purple people worked hard and learned a lot this past competition! We were in the top 3 teams for a majority of the competition, becoming the second alliance captain. Making it to third place overall, it was an unforgettable experience! we couldn’t have done it without Ctrl C (955) and NerdHerd (4043).

Team photo on the field Award from FIRST Chance Armageddon Auto!

FIRST Chance

This competition was a great opportunity to see a lot of new drivers, team members, and curious members try out robotics and the drive team. It was a great opportunity to experience a competitive yet fun environment with lower stakes. The exposure to other teams, new roles, and awesome matches amounted to an experience that will stick with us as we enter the official season. Our team did a great job building up throughout the competition, becoming first pick for alliance four, and eventually winning the competition! Many thanks to Stormbots (2811) and Ctrl C (955) for another great competition!

Bordie Charged

More information and photos coming soon!